I'm sorry but it is difficult for me to understand in English.  I hope there is no misunderstanding.

First of all, I make my dolls by myself.
I sculpt my original doll head and copy order to factory and sale on Japan auction & Ebay.
I thought about an image of a doll's head. later, | making a model directly.

A head is making name from an A B C depend on my mind. I am selling small quantities per one type.

From now on I anticipate that demand is likely to increase.
I have a mind to scale up production to meet demand.
Further more, Limited item is not resale. (out of press item)

If tremendous popularity item a sudden upsurge in consumer demand,  
I`ll convert Limited on Aution sales into hard Order made sales. (May be, Period Limited)

My doll's head are fit on Volks doll's body and I made body, I have a plan for making my own (another) later.

The Work menu lists are on my web site, that is my arts list number.
until I sell on  Japan auction & Ebay. If you have any questions more, send me e-mail again.

rickydoll☆naver.com (☆→@)